The textile business can be compared to a flowing river. 
The headwaters are the countries that produce raw materials as well as spinning companies and synthetic fiber and yarn manufacturers. 
The midstream are fabric manufacturers, processing companies and sewing companies who are converting yarns into textiles and products, while in the delta apparel manufacturers, SPA’s (Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel), mail order shopping companies, and fashion designers. 


Yagi’s business field covers this diverse flow in its entirety, from start to finish. 
In the area of raw materials, we not only procure domestic and overseas yarns but also supply fabric and sporting goods manufacturers with high value-added yarns that are processed by using advanced technology. 
In the fabric field, we use our business alliances with the dyeing, printing and sewing plants that have the best technological power in Japan in order to provide distinctive textiles to apparel manufacturers and fashion designers, taking advantage of our expertise in these areas. 


As demand grows for manufacturing of products in the textile industry, we have built a network of joint venture and affiliate plants in China and Southeast Asia on the basis of our thorough knowledge and know-how of the whole textile business, from raw materials, textile to products. We have created a solid overseas production system. 

Our forte lies at providing our peerless expertise and experience on raw materials, textiles and products, as well as our ability to coordinate throughout the flow of this huge river. 


Taking full advantage of our overseas production system and our growing network of domestic and foreign customers, we can offer you our comprehensive ability to help you overcome the challenges carried out by you as your business partner – from raw material procurement to product manufacturing. More specialized, more comprehensive and more global – Yagi can fulfill all your needs in the textile business.