The ideal partner for tomorrow's textile business


The textile business is going through a period of transition responding to global changes in the market. In this situation, we here at Yagi are taking advantage of our strength as experts in the field to actively pursue every business opportunity we can find.


Our business strength lies in our global network, our knowledge, and our know-how in all areas of the field - from raw materials and cloth to the final products - accumulated through our over 100 years of experience in the textile business. Thanks to these strengths, we have been able to convert change into opportunity, thus better serving our customers' needs. Indeed, we have quickly reacted to the recent needs of domestic and overseas apparel manufacturers and SPA's, and are currently constructing a production system based in China and other Asian countries, one step ahead of the competition.


Business attitudes in the domestic textile industry are changing to focus more on the final product, making it indispensable to keep the concept of raw materials and cloth effectively connected to the final product. Now is the time that having expertise in all aspects of the industry is highly appreciated, so we, as textile experts, will consistently expand and deepen our total textile coordinating power.


At the same time, we will keep an eye on something new. Entering new industrial fields besides apparel, developing new textile technology through partnerships with domestic manufacturers having advanced technology, and taking on the challenge of sales in the Chinese market - all of these undertakings are still in the developing stages, but new businesses will be born and grow to be the future backbone of Yagi.


We at Yagi have made a major contribution to the textile business from our inception by "making products that we can sell." In order to continue to be your best business partner, we will continue to do our best as a textile-trading firm with speed, power, and flexibility.