Needs in textile industry are changing every day, from raw materials and textiles to products, and from domestic production to overseas production. We at Yagi were one step ahead of these changes when we began aggressively pursuing a production system based in China and Southeast Asian countries.

The strength of our Product Division lies in its ability to mobilize its entire company organization to respond to raw material and textile demands. We keep our comprehensive strength in overseas production using locally procured textiles, overseas production using high-quality exported Japanese textiles and short lead time production and delivery using our unique QR (Quick Response) system. We have built IT system that covers overseas production at overseas production bases, quality control, inspection and distribution. At the same time, we have started to develop unique products and technology in cooperation with affiliates.

Let Yagi be your business partner and we will show you the best way to achieve your goals, one step ahead of the times, and two steps ahead of the trends in the textile business.