Raw materials are the starting point for textile goods and for Yagi’s business as well.


Yagi’s Materials Division handles cotton yarns that are the traditional products since the inauguration and viscose staple fiber yarns and petroleum based synthetic yarns.


We have our partnership with major domestic spinning companies to supply “the midstream and the delta” users with cotton and viscose staple fiber yarns, as well as taking advantage of our power as trading firm to import raw materials from Pakistan, Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan.


We have put together efficient system that can provide a stable supply of synthetic yarns through our own sales routes, working together with prominent domestic and foreign synthetic fiber manufacturers. We also have business tie-ups with synthetic yarn and fabric processing companies with advanced technical skill to develop our own original highly functional yarns and products.


We supply our products to various fields such as the dust control, automobile, interior, high-tech and environmental fields. Wide fields beyond apparel field, from apparel to non-apparel, Yagi’s Material Division puts to use our abundant know-how and solid networks to meet diverse user needs in a variety of advanced fields.